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Want your business to be found on the internet? Want potential customers to know what you do, why you do it and why they should use you? If you don't want to spend your time developing your own website then we are your answer.We listen to you. Create a web budget. Develop a solution. And, help you launch it! We have over 40 years working with businesses from various industries and markets. We discovered the power of technology and its efficiency in 1983 starting with Lotus123. It was a game changer! The web is today's game changer. "But, my business is local and .......". Makes no difference - you need a website. Let us help - contact us.

About Us


With over 40 years helping developing businesses in management and system processes and an understanding of the value and mechanics of teamwork at all levels of a business, I’ve helped company’s management to improve communication and efficiency in their team. Much of this work has been in hands-on experience in concept design, development and implementation of database applications, office suites applications and industry specific applications software. I currently design & develop WordPress sites to give businesses a dynamic and functional presence on the web. As a web consultant, I help businesses adjust policies and procedures to efficiently use web technologies to accomplish their goals. We work closely with Digital Drift, a web application developer. They provide support in the "back-end" programming and development. I currently reside on the wide prairies of Kansas, specifically in Montezuma, Kansas.

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Web Site Design

"I'd really like to give my business or organization a web presence. We have great products and services!" Sound familiar? Solutions83 can help you design, build, launch, and maintain an effective and efficient website.

Web Site Strategy

We listen to your desires, plans and preferences. Ask pertinent questions. And, then solve the problems by developing a web presence strategy to optimize your web site. The work is not done by just creating the site. "If you build it they will come." may have been a great line in a movie, but it is not a good marketing strategy.

Business Consulting

"Will having a website affect my day to day procedures?" The answer is "Yes!". We will assist you in integrating your web strategy with your business or organization operations. We have many years of experience in small to medium size businesses.