Thermocore of Missouri is a green technology building contractor in Jefferson City, Missouri. They provide a “Structured Insulation Panel System” or “SIPS” to building contractors. The SIPS provide substantially more insulation and sound deadening properties than traditional “stick built” construction.

The owners wanted a website that would provide a platform:

  • to sharing their many projects, both completed and in process,
  • educate the public and their existing or potential customers on the benefits of the SIP in construction,
  • and give their company an improved web presence.

We know from personal experience of the “solid” feel of the SIPS. When visiting their facilities, the motel where we stayed was constructed using their SIPS. Very quiet and comfortable experience.

The SIPS can be used in commercial and residential construction. To see some of the final results check out Clydesdale Frames Co.located in South Hutchinson, KS. They are “timber framers” and have used Thermocore of Missouri’s SIPS systems in many timber frame homes.